Saturday, December 24, 2011

TGNMBB -- Thank God No More Blackberry!

Finally, I have got rid of my Blackberry Bold 9700.. All I can say, it was a bloody crap phone! (apart of its BBM)

After nearly 1 year of using it, I had major problem with its battery. It drained too soon and even died off when its indicator stated there were still half left.

I changed to a new battery but after weeks of using it, more problems came. Every time I surf the Internet browser or sms or have a chat, the BB tends to switch off or sometimes, restart by itself. When it restarted, it tends to re-loop its restart procedure for almost 20 minutes.

Now I’m waiting for Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy Nexus. Everybody has switched to touch screen smart phones these days.. no more Blackberry please.


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