Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alpinestars Bionic II


For years, I’ve been dreaming for having motocross outfit as my riding attire. But as I always travel far in Indo-China countries, the weather gets hot and rainy at times. Hence, I tend to ride with my Dainese jacket and Clover pants, which they were both constructed with Gore-Tex material.

This year, after experiencing riding in China-Laos in summer, I was bored with the outfit. I was looking something, which is light, cool and easy to move around. Also, something that looks wicked with my Arai’s Tour Cross-II helmet and Scott Goggles. Therefore I started my search for a body amour but none of the body armour suits sold in Malaysia have the looks which I’ve been looking for. Until I’ve found the Alpinestars Bionic II.

I read its reviews on the net and most users gave thumbs up on the armour. It is light, it protects and hugs my body nicely and its design is better than others. The nets are stretchable and they feel cool during hot day. Normally, I would not go for Alpinestars' products because I’ve had disappointing experiences with the brand especially on its quality control. I’ll see how long the body armour will last.

The next step is to find a nice combo design of jersey and pants which suit well with the 30 Years Anniversary R1200GSA scheme.



  1. helu...
    bila mahu test baju tu...


  2. Belum test lagi brahh.. still being kept in the wardrobe..


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