Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vance & Hines Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 Pipes

Next week, my Harley Davidson Road Glide will be out..
In this week, the Harley mechanics will be installing Vance & Hines Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 Pipes..

From Vance & Hines official website:

"Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 breaks new ground, applying premium materials and no-compromises performance tuning for heavily modified motors, with an unmistakable “works” finish that says "this bike was built for racing". 

Continually pushing the performance envelope, Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1, available for 2009-2012 Harley-Davidson Touring models, starts with tapered head pipes with an oversized merge collector and feeds into a multi-stepped megaphone. 
Every aspect of the Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 has been developed and tested through countless hours of dyno time with the singular focus to increase volumetric efficiency critical to extracting maximum horsepower from high output engine modifications."

The Hi-Output 2-into-1 is a exhaust system which consists of:

  • 1.75-inch to 2-inch of Header / Manifold pipes
  • 2.5-inch Inlet to Megaphone
  • 3-inch to 3.25-inch Baffle with Anti-Reversion Cone
  • 4-inch to 4.5-inch Stepped Muffler Body
The System includes the Header / Manifold pipes so i'm expecting there will be some increase in HP.. The craftsmanship, welding is solid and beautiful.. plus the noise will be produced through the only one 4.5-inch muffler body should be packed with loud and full of bass... not ricey.. 
I found attachment files on Facebook from a Road Glide owner (Clarence Mckimy) in the States where he just did Dyno run on his Road Glide.. he has installed Vance & Hines Power Duals Headers and Hi-Output slip-on along with high-flow air filter, which i already installed on my Road Glide FLTRX too.. As the result, these pipes managed to increase the bike performance up to 10.8 BHP and 18.3 Nm of Torque on 4th Gear..
Horsepower Comparison 

Torque Comparison
I bought the Vance & Hines Hi-Output 2-into-1 Full System from Bikes World Hamawangsa at Glenmarie, Shah Alam.. if you're interested for having this fine exhaust system, you may ask for Khairul from Bikes World.. he has a wide knowledge on Harley Davidson.. Top Man!

Ride in Style..  HooRahh!!


  1. waiting for your review on the new beast!!

    1. Cheers Brahh.. Today is the day.. i'm gonna pick up my Road Glide..

      The Vance & Hines Hi-Output 2-into-1 Full System exhaust has already been fitted to the Road Glide..

      Also, sports air filter has bee fitted..

      Basically, my Road Glide is at Stage 1 configuration.. just waiting for Super-Tuner to be installed after i come back from Mae Hong Son and Bangkok Motorbike Festival in July..

      Ride in Style, Brahh...


    2. Cheers Brahh...

      Ride in Style.. HooRahh!!


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