Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My tips on riding from KL to Ayutthaya in 13 hours..


following the previous topic when i did a Solo Ride to China-Laos Border:

Laos Solo Ride Day 1: Kuala Lumpur - Ayutthaya (1,660 km)

A fan of my blog, Zul Putrajaya, has asked me for few tips on how to ride from Kuala Lumpur to Ayutthaya (North of Bangkok) in 13 hours..

To be honest with you, i've done this 4 times on motorcycle and 1 time with my Pajero Sport.. follow my tips, Brahh:

1) Ride SOLO.. Why? because riding solo does not give you headaches.. as 'always', riding mates tend to demand a lot, i.e.: wanna smoke first.. wanna have a toilet break, wanna snap pictures, wanna eat at muslim halal restaurants, wanna make a phone calls / sms, etc..

Arrgghhh!! I just wish to slap them all!!! haahahahaa

2) I will sleep as early as 8.00 pm a night before after a heavy dinner meal.. usually i would have KFC dinner plate with Original Thighs and large Coleslaw.. hehee.. after dinner, fill up the fuel tank to its maximum limit..

3) I'd leave Kuala Lumpur at 3.00 am.. Yes, 3 o'clock in the morning Brahh.. this is to avoid traffic jams at Juru Penang and traffic at Thai immigration..

4) I finish my Thai Immigration and Customs Declaration at 7.50 am.. and it's 6.50am (Thai time).. so there is no traffic from Dannok until Hatyai as Thai people still haven't gone to work/school.. therefore, no traffic at all.. When traffic lightSSSS are red, boleh kasi pancung red light tu.. heheee

5) Must always understand and know the Fuel Mileage of your bike.. my GS Adventure can easily do 650 km of mileage for every full tank load, with the average speed of 150-160 km/h.. in Thailand, my average speed is reduced to 130 km/h..

6) I only stop for refueling.. at the same time, i will grab meals (breakfast or lunch) and coffee during the break..

7) I would try to reach Petchaburi before 4 pm.. please do expect there will be heavy traffic from Hua Hin junction towards Samut Prakan in Bangkok on Route 35..

8) Since i'll be in Bangkok Route 9, i can reach Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya at 5.30 pm via Route 32.. and enjoy Ayutthaya Historical town, Brahh..

There you go, Brahh.. Kuala Lumpur to Ayyuthaya (1,660km) in 13 Hours.. :D

Ride in Style.. Hoorahh!!


  1. TQ brahh - zul putrajaya

  2. That kind of riding, i surely SUFFER, no time to smell the ROSE/CHICKS along the way bro! Hahaha


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