Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BurgerSmith @ Cenang Mall, Langkawi - Crap!


I celebrated New Year's Eve in Langkawi and tried burger at a fancy burger restaurant at Cenang Mall. BurgerSmith was recently opened on 24th December 2016 and it is located at the entrance of Cenang Mall, Langkawi.

We ordered Caesar Salad for starters and to our disappointment, the salad was served plain, dull and very warm! We may have thought the chef had taken the salad from the burger toppings.

Then the salad dressing (parmesan cheese) was too tangy. There was no Croutons been served, so we had to request for croutons.

Then came our burgers.. For RM20++, I was surprised that the burgers did not come with fries. Did we miss anything in this world? Who would eat burgers without fries?

The menu was very confusing to read for ordering, therefore most costumers would have thought the most burgers would come with fries.

The burger meat patties looked thick... but they were dry and hard to chew.

BurgerSmith serves the burger along with ketchup in a shot glass.. What??

Would the ketchup in the shot glass make the burger more tasty?

Or would the ketchup in the shot glass make the burger look more appetizing?

Price : Pricey
Salad : Salad was served warm. No other veggies, just plain salad. Salad dressing too tangy. No Croutons been served!
Beef Patties : Hard and not juicy

Ratings : CRAP!!!

No Hoorahh!!!

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