Thursday, January 5, 2017

BBS CK Anthracite 20" Wheels


3 years ago, I decided to get rid of run-flat tyres on 18-inch wheels and upgraded the 630i cabriolet wheels to 20-inch BBS CK 005 wheels.

But the 20-inch rims did not last very long. It was the biggest mistake I've ever done to the car.

Since the 630i cabriolet is a heavy GT car, the rims simply could not accommodate the weight of the car (almost 2 tonne) and big rims are not meant to be driven on KL road. I've had the rims 4 times cracked on the rear rims.

Although the cost of repairing cracked rim is cheap in KL, but I don't like the anxious and nervousness feeling when driving the car in the middle of KL and suddenly Tire Pressure Warning Light appears.

Gorgeous GT cars

Now I am totally fed up using the 20" rims and looking to replace with the original factory 18" rims with thick tyre thickness..


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