Monday, July 8, 2013

Motul Shine & Go Cleaner Spray for the Road Glide..


Previously when i had the bmw GS Adventure, i only washed the bike ONCE.. normally i will let the rain (during riding) to wash the dirt.. yeah i know, the rain won't wash the bike clean but it's an adventure bike and it supposed to look 'dirty' and 'seasoned' because i am not an adventure poser.. hehee

The Harley Davidson Road Glide gets washed/wiped every time i reach my destination.. it can be either in Thailand or even at my condo basement.. To make it handy, i would bring Motul Shine & Go Cleaner Spray every where i go..

Motul Shine & Go Cleaner:

  • Revives paintwork, dries evenly & leaves a protective water repellant dry sheen.
  • Silicone based spray to polish your bike frame and components 
  • It gives a deep clean shine when used on a dry clean bike. 
  • Cleans off those nasty black marks and gives a super shine.
  • It even smells like oranges too!

The Motul Shine & Go Cleaner Spray bottle (400ml) can be easily placed in the Road Glide saddle bags.. 
I would clean the Road Glide after the bike gets cooled.. The Motul Shine & Go Cleaner is very easy to use.. just give couple of spray/squirt of any part of the bike and wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth..

The liquid chemical does not harm the bike paint and chrome parts.. it removes bug stains and bird droppings easily.. but with fresh road tar stains, i may need to buff the area little bit more and it still can be removed..

Having a Harley Davidson, it has to be always at pristine, autoshow condition where people usually reach their mobile phones or cameras and snap photos.. It is definitely an icon of automotive... 

it's Harley Davidson..

Ride in Style.. HooRahh!!

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  1. kalau takde masa nak cuci moto, boss singgah la kedai saya..hehe ramai geng GS & Harley dah mai...

    No 2, Pusat Komersial Amaniah
    Jalan Batu Caves

    your fan..


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