Friday, July 5, 2013

Harley Davidson Dunlop Rear Tyre (D407)


Not all tires are suitable for Harley Davidson.. especially the Touring family.. My Harley Davidson is Road Glide Custom (FLTRX), a breed of Touring Bike..

With the heavy fully loaded weight of 400 kg, it needs a hard compound of rear tire and can last up to 30,000 km of mileage..

Harley Davidson has specifically specified to use only approved Dunlop tires.. the only tyre can be used is Dunlop's D407..

The Dunlop's D407 rear tyre is kinda costly in Malaysia.. this is the most expensive rear tyre i have every paid after owning the BMW GS Adventure.. no doubt the D407 would last long and it could support the 400++ kg of bike weight excluding the rider and pillion weights..

The availability of the D407 (rear tyre) and D408 (front tyre) are limited in Malaysia.. For rear D407, it is sold at Harley Davidson Kuala Lumpur for RM1,250.00 a piece excluding labour..

I have been told to change the wheel bearings when changing the tyre.. it is recommended to do so as i wanna have a perfect long distance ride with a peace of mind.. each of the bearing would cost RM130.00 each and there are 2 pieces of bearings for each wheel..

Ride in Style.. HooRahh!!


  1. Ehhh... Ini iklan tayar ke iklan awek :P

    1. KH Brahh.. it seems that i'm getting high ratings for this "Iklan Aweks"..

      I guess the crowd love them..

      keep calm and keep 'em coming.. hehee :D

    2. KH Brahh..

      I've taken the "Motul Shine & Go Cleaner" post to the next extreme level..
      More Girl photos than product photos.. 5555++



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