Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Harley Davidson Road Glide


What what??

Yes, i'm changing my bike from BMW R1200 GS Adventure to Harley Davidson Road Glide..

I'm quitting adventure riding as i'm giving way to the newbies with their souped-up Versys.. hahaaa

I have not collected the Road Glide yet as i'm waiting a buyer to purchase my 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure.. There are lots of people interested on the GS Adventure, but not many are serious to buy...

The roads in Thailand are amazing.. i don't cross river or ride on gravel road in Thailand.. Hence, why do i need a dual purpose bike for?

I've been to China border, Laos, Cambodia, etc... and i won't be repeating the journeys within few years time..

I need a Heavyweight Touring bike with CD player and stereo already built-in..

Previously, i had a thought of getting BMW R1200 RT as a touring bike.. but BMW will be introducing a new RT model in 2014.. so there's no point of getting the current R1200 RT..

No doubt BMW is an excellent bike.. but it is just a tool...

Whilst Harley Davidson is not a tool.. it's a Lifestyle.. and i wanna have holiday with Style..

Adventure riding??

I'm proud to say.. Been there, Done that!!

Now move over, newbies... Daddy is 'Gliding with Harley Davidson'!!



  1. NNNnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo ha ha ha. Follow your heart bro .Congrats .

  2. Griffin..

    Sorry to say Brahh.. i have no passion in ADV bikes.. i'm more into touring nowadays.. and the Road Glide fits me very well.. it's heavy, superb sound and have enough power of 1,700 cc.. somemore, roads in Thailand is pretty good.. no river to be crossed and no gravel roads..

    Ride with Style, Brahh..



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