Monday, April 22, 2013

Harley Davidson ROAD GLIDE.. I can't sleep because of this!!


For the past few months, i've been dreaming to own a Harley Davidson bike.. Previously, i was really into Harley's 883 Iron.. been doing research on the denim - matte black 883 Iron..

But i have realised 883 Iron is not suitable for long distance ride.. although 883 Iron is slim and light, but it is lacked of comfort and luggage space for touring...

Now i'm drooling with Harley Davidson Road Glide.. it's absolutely fucking gorgeous!!

The Road Glide looks pretty similar with Street Glide but there are a lot differences between these two models..

Both models feature identical V-win 103 engine, fuel tank (23 liters of fuel), seat, luggage and exhaust pipes.. but not the huge front fairing..

Road Glide front fairing, a.k.a. Shark Nose Fairing, is held on the bike frame.. it has a set of two lamps, glove box and CD Player.. Since the Shark Nose fairing is attached to the bike frame, it does not turn when the handle bar is turned.. Hence, the side-mirrors are attached to the handle bar..

While the Street Glide front fairing, a.k.a. Bat Wing, is attached to its front fork / suspension.. it turns when the handle bar is turned.. it has a single head lamp and it symbolises the American- made touring motorcycles for over 40 years...

Since they are almost identical, i've read Street Glide owners have modified their Street Glide to have Road Glide's Shark Nose front fairing..

Since Road Glide fairing is attached to the bike frame, i've been told it handles easier and lighter than Street Glide..

Personally, i always love the design of Road Glide.. 



  1. Happy to see you start blogging again. Hopefully I will be able to see a full report of iron butt ride KL-Ayotthaya on the glide?


    1. Thank you Kong..

      Now i'm selling my bmw GSA.. need to sell it first, then i would get the Road Glide.. i only have paid the booking fees only..

      definitely i will do Mae Hong Son again.. i've been doing 1864 Corners Ride on every of my motorcycle (KLR650 and bmw GSA)..

      next will be the Road Glide.. and i shall do KL-Ayutthaya within a day too.. hehee

      Cheers Brahh!!

  2. glad to have you back on net mate! I am your newly-found reader, keen on getting as maximum tips as possible on long distance riding tips.


    1. Hellooooo Hazwan..

      Thank you for visiting my blog.. it's been ages i haven't updated the blog..

      fyi, i'm letting go my bmw GSA.. had fun with it already.. been using it for 2 years and half already..

      now it's gliding time with the Road Glide..

      you may be wondering, why Harley Davidson Road Glide?
      Well i've been looking for a good Touring bike.. i wanted to buy the bmw RT1200 but bmw will be releasing a new RT in 2014.. so it is not worth to buy the RT1200 now..

      for your info, i'm quitting riding Adventure bike.. WHY?
      because the roads in Thailand are excellent... i dont need an ADV dual purpose bike to ride in Thailand..

      I just need to ride a heavyweight touring bike with STYLE.. hehee..

      Ride safe Brahh..



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