Friday, May 13, 2016

The Five Armies - Beyond Brotherhood


I have been riding Harley Davidson for the past 3 years, usually i would prefer to ride solo or with those I am comfortable within a small group.. Travelling in a small group is easy to manage and has many advantages. We could mobilize faster, plan our trips within a short period of time, save time in refueling stops, easy to book hotels for rooms availability, easy to check-in and check-out hotels, we can sit for meals in 1 table, etc etc..

We called ourselves as The Five Armies because each of us comes from different motorcycle clubs but still we always hang out and have road trips together.

It seems five of us are easy to ride together without any difficulties.. They can easily follow my trip schedule and always be on time. When travelling long trips, we always need to be disciplined and follow the ride schedule. Anyway, they never complaint about the accommodations i have booked, meals which i have ordered, etc etc.. Most importantly, we are always concerned with Road Safety Rules and Regulations.

The 5ive Armies are:

a) Otai

I have been travelling with Otai for many times. He rides Road King and recently has converted it to Street Glide (head fairing). The longest and furthest journey we rode together was to Mae Hong Son - Golden Triangle - Laos - China Border with our Harleys. It is easy to travel with him as he is not fussy on accommodations, meals (as long as he eats rice) and ride destinations.

b) Fauzan

He's THE big guy.. I've known Fauzan few days before i picked up my Harley Road Glide at Harley dealer. At that time, he was not used to travel far and even crossing borders. Such an easy rider to ride with. He really loves his beautiful Street Glide and we used to hang out during weekends when he was staying in Shah Alam. Unfortunately he has moved to southern of Malaysia and we could only meet when we have road trips.

c) Najib NJ

The first trip Najib NJ followed me was to Khao Lak - Chumphon - Koh Samui with his Moto Guzzi motorcycle. The first 1,000 km, Najib NJ was struggling to keep up with the Glides as his Moto Guzzi wasn't meant for long distance ride and he had to attach his luggage with cargonet strap on his bike. Due to this, he had to make few stops to check his luggage. I really admired for him as he could also ride and stand the high speed with his street bike.

After the trip to Khao Lak, he sold his Moto Guzzi and bought a Harley Davidson Road Glide. Hahahaha

d) Kayrul

Kayrul was the sales person whom i bought my Road Glide. He taught me a lot for understanding Harley bike, handling Road Glide properly and accessories need to be upgraded. During our rides, he's been riding his Dyna model and he is very comfortable catching up with other Glide models on his Dyna.

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