Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Boots


Earlier today, I've received a parcel from Budak Singapore as i've purchased the Alpinestars Ridge waterproof boots for RM900 including P&P from Singapore..

Previously, i never had a thought for having a waterproof boots as i am always comfortable with my Gaerne Cypher Motocross boots and my trustworthy Ever Last shoes..

After all, if i travel to Koh Samui, Krabi or any Southern Thailand region, i need a pair of boots which are waterproof, which match with my Clover waterproof riding pants and i feel comfortable to walk with..

Somehow, i need a pair of three quarter waterproof boots which look great with a pair of jeans, i.e. people will not notice it is a pair of motorcycle boots...  so i can wear them to functions, events and also meeting my clients with a pair of jeans..

The Ridge boots are very comfortable... they are 3 1/4 medium-cut boots and they give good enough of protection on ankles and both feet.. so far, i've seen the Ridge boots have been reviewed brilliantly on the internet and youtube videos..

Don't ya think they look great?

And they look like normal boots and you cannot even notice they are riding boots, can ya?



  1. hi,
    cayalahhhh ...yang penting waterproof
    MAcam formal shoe:)


  2. Thanks Din...

    Harga nak dekat kasut Salvatore Ferragamo.. tapi boot Ridge ni lagi multipurpose.. waterproof, riding shoes, formal, meeting clients, walking shoes bcos mmg comfortable inner cushion dia..

  3. Smart kasut ni. 2 thumbs up! :-)

  4. Yen,

    they look great, right? Since i got these boots, i've been wearing jeans when i ride the GSA.. wanna 'season' the boots before my Koh Samui ride on this Saturday.. heheee...

  5. Ohh Koh Samui... Enjoy. (^_^)


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