Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Previous Bikes

My first bike was Yamaha YZF-R6.. it was my first bike (600cc, in-line 4).. i could not believe to own it as i never owned a bike until the R6 was the first.. bought the blue R6 in year 2000 when i was studying at Sussex University, UK.. i was only 19 years of age that time and i had a tough time to insure the bike as in UK, to own a superbike must be 21 years old and above.. there were few insurance companies would insure me but it came with a huge price tag for 3rd Party coverage (fooken GBP 2,100.00 !!!)

I sold the bike in 2002 as it was not safe for me to keep it.. the place where i was staying in Brighton, didn't have a proper parking place and the bike was exposed to be stolen.. there was a night when my Leo Vince titanium slip-on exhaust was stolen.. the next day, i noticed someone even tried to cut the chain lock.. finally, i decided to sell the bike rather than losing it..

My second bike was Honda RC51 aka SP1.. i bought it in 2005.. it's powered by 1000cc V-Twin HRC engine.. RC51 is such a torquey bike! it's a rare bike and won WSBK (ridden by Colin Edwards) and AMA Superbike (ridden by Nicky Hayden), that's how it became famous.. I loved the RC51 so much but i had to sell her after 2 years of riding it as i was starting up my own business..

The RC51 was fully modified and loaded with Akrapovic Titanium Full-Exhaust System, Ohlins front suspension, Ohlins steering damper, Ohlins rear shock, Brembo front brake pump, full light-weight carbon fibre fairing, etc...

My third bike was Aprilia Pegaso Strada (650cc, Single-cylinder).. bought in September 2008 but used it for less than 2 months!! sold it as i got fooken furious with local Aprilia management (Motomilia).. also, the quality of the bike is absolutely POOR (broken exhaust pipe after 1800km on mileage, problem with front tank compartment, inaccurate speedo/mileage, high fuel consumption, etc) !! BOOOO!!

And soon, Kawasaki KLR 650 will be my fourth bike.. HooRahh!!!


  1. ouhhhh.....feel like gonna faint out my tuuuuuttt!!! giler ah~ (@_@)

  2. bro BSundayB,
    u buat bisnes apa?

  3. pehhhh .... macam macam jenis moto brahh sudah miliki ... superbike,DP,GS&HDavidson ... Brahh nii kira dah tahap DEWA niiii - zul74

    1. Zul74.. heheeee

      dah byk motor aku dah try.. motor yang paling best: Road Glide Harley & Kawasaki KLR 650.. :D


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