Monday, June 27, 2016

Frustrating MAS Business Class (KUL-DPS-KUL)


The Title says it all...

For my wedding reception in Bali (September 2015), me and my wife purchased Business Class seats with Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

I chose Malaysia Airlines Berhad because they fly with the Boeing 777-200 between Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Denpasar (DPS).. I booked through MAS website ( and we even booked specific seats in the Business Class section.

What I like most about MAS Boeing 777-200 are the seating configuration, seat type and very spacious wide-body cabin aircraft.

When we booked via MAS website, it mentioned the aircraft was B777-200..

MAS B777 Business Class seat also features Angled Lie-Flat seats.

Angled Lie-Flat:
• Flat surface but at a 170-150° sloped angle to the floor of the aircraft
• Pitched in business class around the 60-70” range


MAS decided to stop operating with B777 aircraft.. Unfortunately they downgraded the wide-body B777 with narrow-body B737-800.. The B738 Business Class seats are Cradle Sleeper type.

Cradle sleeper:
• Aviation’s version of the La-Z-Boy chair
• Significant recline and larger leg-rest than recliners
• Business class before the angled lie-flat phase started in the late 1990s
Few recent installssuperseded by angled lie-flat and full flat seats

To make matters worse, it was a leased B737-800 aircraft with very old leather and cracked seats!!!

Watch out for these cracked headphone jack.. Your arms and elbow can easily get cuts..

Secondly, since MAS fitted 90's business class seats, the seats are not controlled by motors. They are manually controlled with a lever. And there is no leg rest support. Such an embarrassment!!

These cheap seats do not even have individual screens for In-Flight Entertainment!!! Passengers have to watch movies on overhead screens..

So what is MAS solution for overhead screen?

We were given a portable media player, 3000i...

You might think the 3000i portable media player looks like an iPad.... Wrong!!

It is a fat chunky heavy brick!!!

Introducing, Malaysia Airlines portable media player... The 3000i:

Since it's heavy to hold, I had to place it on the foldable service tray (table).

The only problem when placing the portable media player on the table is when the food is served.

There is no space to place the portable media player so passengers could not watch movies while having meals and had to finish their meals first, then watch movies.

Okay.. enough of complaining..

During the trip, the meals were excellent. We had Gado-Gado for appetizers and Chicken Biryani and Lamb Ribs for the main course.

Also, the cabin crew were very friendly..

It is always a privilege seating in front of the wing and engine; and always has the advantage of having the best view.

I am writing this article mainly because I was so disappointed with MAS for misleading it's information on their online booking website.

If MAS knew Boeing 737-800 will be used, they should have mentioned it on their online booking website.

Although MAS want to use their lease aircraft, MAS should also install proper current standard Business Class seats instead of old 90's used seats with no electric controlled back rest, no leg rest and no IFE.

If I would have known MAS gonna fly with a Leased Boeing 737-800 with old 90's Business Class seats, I would have flown in MAS economy..


I would have bought my business class tickets from Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines flies widebody Airbus A330-300 to Denpasar and I don't mind to be on transit at Changi Airport as long as I don't pay tickets flying on a Leased aircraft with old seats like Malaysia Airlines..

No HooRahh!!!

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